Designed to achieve a smooth flat surface

Sure Cover is a range of surface renders and coating compounds which are specifically designed to be applied to a range of substrates. The Sure Cover range of surface coating compounds also includes a range of coatings for polystyrene sheet and as waterproofing membranes.



  • Vertical, horizontal or overhead application
  • Tilt Slab applications
  • Application of render over brickwork
  • Rendering over porous or damaged brickwork
  • Surfacing and mesh embedment for polystyrene sheet.



  • Non cracking
  • High Adhesion
  • Good handling properties
  • Ready to use – just add water

The Sure Cover surface render range

To download a copy of a Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Materterial Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for any of the products listed below, simply click on the English or the Arabic icons in the right-hand columns below and the selected documents will added to your document download folder for collection.

Depth (mm) Compressive Strength (mpa) Colour Approx. Coverage / 20kg @ 10mm Approx. Open Time (mins) MSDS TDS

Surface Render Compound

0 – 10 +25 Grey 1.3 Sq/m 60

Texture Coating

n/a n/a White n/a n/a

Surface Render for Polystyrene Sheet

1 – 20 +25 Grey or Off White 1.5 Sq/m 60

Surface Render Compound

1 – 5 +30 Grey 1 Sq/m 60