Designed to provide maximum tensile strength adhesion

Sure Flex is a range of tile adhesives made from high quality cements and polymers. Sure Flex meets the requirements of Australian Standards for adhesion. Sure Flex is designed to provide maximum tensile strength adhesion and rigidity or flexibility depending on the required performance.



  • Ceramic wall & floor tiles
  • Terracotta
  • Monocottura
  • Slate stone and quarry tiles



  • Low shrink/Non-slip
  • Bond a range of tiles to substrates
  • Easily workable
  • Ready to use (just add water for single component adhesive)

The Sure Flex adhesive range

To download a copy of a Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Materterial Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for any of the products listed below, simply click on the English or the Arabic icons in the right-hand columns below and the selected documents will added to your document download folder for collection.

Trafficable & Median Temp (hrs) Approx. coverage / 20 (6mm notch) Approx. Open Time (mins) Approx. Pot life (hrs) MSDS TDS

Polyester 2 part chemical anchoring & adhesive injection system.

n/a n/a n/a n/a

Liquid Component for 6004 Adhesive

Two Component High Performance Adhesive

24 12m2 30 6

Liquid Component for 5004 & 5004 GP Adhesive

Two Component Flexible High Performance Adhesive

24 18m2 30 6

Flexible High Performance Adhesive

24 14m2 30 6

Two Component Flexible Standard Adhesive

24 18m2 30 6

High Performance Adhesive

14 7m2 20 2

Fast Set High Performance Adhesive

5 7m2 20 2

Standard Adhesive

14 7m2 30 3